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Tired of having to look up all the outcomes of the charts?  Always losing dice or throwing them off the table?  Soon we will be able to solve this nagging problems!


TPB introduces the "TPB Assistant".  It's a computer program that will can roll the dice and look up many of the outcomes from the charts.  You will still need to use the cards, charts, and score sheets, but many of the charts can be fairly automated.  It is NOT a computer game, but can help speed your game along considerably.


For example, click "THREE" you get 835.  You'll have to look on the pitcher's card, to find the result.  If it's a "Deep!", click "Deep" on the TPB Assistant, and enter the necessary data (batting style, power, ballpark, wind, clutch) and roll the dice!  No more slowing down trying to find it in the charts.  If you check out the weather with the TPB Assistant program, it will automatically select the ballpark, temperature, and wind for you for those charts where it's necessary.  Talk about a time saver!


TPB Assistant

When you're on the Range - Outfield chart and you're looking for the specific baserunner advancement for your situation, don't worry!  The TPB Assistant will instantly pop up the results.


All the dice rolls can be shown on the screen, so you can always double-check with the charts, or review them if you accidentally hit the wrong button. 


If you use different rules from the official TPB rules, don't worry!  The program can still be used as a dice roller, and you can use the charts that you want.  As an "assistant" to the board game, and NOT a computer game, you're able to use it the way YOU want it!


What's the price of this great product?  Absolutely free.  Play for free over the internet using Skype!


TPB Assistant 1.7.0 with 2021 data for Windows


Download other seasons for use with the TPB Assistant program:

(unzip in same directory as the TPB Assistant)


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Version History

1.0 and 1.1 tested with St. Louis TPB League

1.2.0 First available TPB Assistant program

1.3.0 Change to the Deep! rolls, fixed error possibilities on 1 error ratings, cleaned up ballpark data on Classic TPB sets
1.3.1 Range - Infield adjustments, cosmetic changes
1.3.2 Adjusted Deep! plays to include an optional pause between rolls for greater suspense

1.4.0 Added more seasons and corrected a small error not allowing 2008 to be selected

1.4.1 TPBaseball.info

1.4.4 Slight Error Correction for Hit & Run

1.5.0 Clarification of some rules and fixed a crash when Range - Outfield selected with no playing surface, easier to select "Normal" in Range - Infield, and automatic advancement to Steal when getting a jump

1.5.1 Clarification on Down the Line - Diving Stop results, some crash correction when changing from one setting to another repeatedly

1.6.0 2010 Data with the new Assistant - Bunting rules changes

1.6.30702 Latest TPB with newest data and cleaned up any other issues.

1.7.0 Current data with change to essential charts for different years

Instructions for using the TPB Assistant with Skype

The newest versions of Skype come with a built in screen viewing app, where you can show and view someone else's TPB Assistant. You can't actually share one Assistant however, and there have been troubles getting the Assistant big enough to see clearly on Skype.


Any service where you can share a screen would work.